Pre-Planning Your Funeral

The Most Compassionate Gift You Could Give Your Loved Ones

It’s More Important Than You Might Think

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Two of the most important, yet highly avoided, topics that families fail to discuss are funeral arrangements and finances.

Understandably, both of these topics can seem out of reach, overwhelming and rather intimidating.

In regards to funeral arrangements, the discussion might even seem completely irrelevant.

However, it's this conversation, combining both your funeral plans and finances, that will help alleviate overwhelm for your loved ones down the road.

And all it takes is a new perspective.

What if we approached these discussions with love, compassion and mindfulness, rather than evasion?

By reinventing our understanding of funeral pre-planning and leaning into the value it brings our treasured family and friends, we are actually able to navigate these future chapters of our lives with grace and ease - providing our loved ones with a plan, instead of a question.

Reinventing The Traditional Funeral Planning Conversation

At Weaver Family Funeral Home, we like to reinvent tradition. Finding new ways to celebrate life, to commemorate life and to honour life is something we strive for every day

We work alongside families in their most trying seasons in order to provide them with peace, clarity, comfort and embracement. Doing our best to encompass legacy after legacy, to integrate character and to express tender appreciation.

When planning a funeral, we are honouring 3 key components:

  1. The life, legacy and wishes of the deceased
  2. The intentions, capacity and devotion of those involved in the planning process.
  3. The responsible and realistic budget available

What We’ve Noticed

Planning a funeral can be quite strenuous, especially when families are left with no direction or support.

In our experience, families feel less overwhelmed when the funeral preparations are already taken care of. This allows them to focus on their own healing and closure during this most painful stage.

The Importance Of Funeral Pre-Planning

The best time to discuss your end-of-life plans is not at the end of your life. Rather, it is the stage of life where you have the strength, resources and capability available to you.

By pre-planning your funeral, you’ll have the opportunity to:

  • Have your wishes heard
  • Prepay in order to avoid inflation or price changes in the future.
  • Allow your family time and space to grieve.
  • Protect your legacy.
  • Reduce emotional and financial stress down the road.

The Gift Your Family Truly Needs, But Will Never Ask For

You might not be able to physically comfort your grieving family forever, but you do have the power to provide them with as much clarity, ease and stability as possible before that time comes

And although it is not a topic that families look forward to discussing, the benefits of having all of their (and your own) questions answered ahead of time brings such peace to an otherwise extremely overwhelming experience.

Book your pre-planning conversation with Thomas Payton, our Funeral Pre-planning Director at Weaver Family Funeral Homes, and give your family the farewell gift they truly need - the space to properly grieve and heal

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