Services We Offer

Permanent Memorialization

After the ceremony is over, a permanent memorial can provide family and friends with a dedicated place to continue their healing journey.

  A Lasting Tribute
The grieving process doesn't end when the funeral does and neither does our service to you. Many times the ceremony is just the first step to healing and recovery. 

We can help you create a lasting tribute that gives family and friends a permanent place to visit when they need help feeling connected to the loved one who has passed. It serves as a focus for their memory, and provides a private space for reflection and peace. It can also serve as a location for family and friends to commemorate important occasions, and can help make it easier to cope on meaningful dates like birthdays or anniversaries. As the years pass, a permanent memorial can also become a link to the past for younger generations who may not have had the opportunity to meet the departed loved one during their lifetime.