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Wooden Caskets

All of our wooden caskets are produced in CANADA by qualified craftsman, with extensive detail and hand finishing.Each wooden casket has it's own unique graining pattern, and is finished like fine furniture. The natural warmth and beauty of wood is available in many varieties and species. Thematerial used for the interior lining of a wooden casket is typicallyvelvet or crepe.

The classification "hardwood" simply means that the wood comes from a leaf-bearing tree. "Softwood" comes from the needle or cone-bearing trees. Therefore, designation as a hardwood is not determined solely by the consistency or surface hardness of the wood itself, but the species of the tree from which it came. Cost will vary depending on whether the sides of the casket are constructed from solid wood or a veneering process has been utilized.

We offer a wide selection of "soft" and "hardwood" caskets for families to choose from, and a price range to suit every budget.

Prices ranging from $495. to $4895.

Merlot (Solid Poplar)
Solid Poplar Construction with a Mahogany Satin Finish.  Light Beige Crepe Interior and Wood Lug & Bar Handles.
Manufacturer: J.I. Astley

Glenholme (Solid Maple)
Solid Maple construction with colonial satin finish, light eggshell satin interior and metal bar handles.
Product Number: 640

Digby (Solid Ash)
Solid Ash with veneer top, gloss finish, beige crepe interior and metal bar handles.
Manufacturer: Victoriaville
Product Number: 62

St. Patrick (Mahogany)
 St. Patrick
Solid Mahogany, beige velvet interior and solid wood carrying bars (with interchangeable corners)
Manufacturer: Victoriaville
Product Number: 5910

Ancaster (Solid Cherry)
Solid cherry construction with column corners, elite beige velvet interior with wooden bar handles.
Manufacturer: Victoriaville
Product Number: 5550

Berwick (Solid Oak)
Solid Appalachian red oak with hand rubbed high gloss finish, elite ivory velvet interior and rounded wood carrying bars.
Manufacturer: Victoriaville
Product Number: 6200

Simcoe (Solid Oak)
Solid Oak construction with beige velvet interior, wooden bar handles and interchangeable corners.
Manufacturer: Victoriaville
Product Number: 5740

Dominion (Solid Maple)
Solid Maple construction with high gloss veneer finish, and eggshell crepe interior.  Also available as a rental casket.
Manufacturer: Victoriaville
Product Number: 5610

Cambrian Oak
Solid Oak construction, cream coloured velvet interior and polished wooden bar handles.
Manufacturer: Northern
Product Number: 23

Carter (Poplar)
Solid poplar with light walnut finish, cream crepe interior and metal bars
Manufacturer: Northern
Product Number: 228

Rose Arbor (Poplar)
 Rose Arbor
Solid poplar, hand polished mahogany finish, rose petal crepe interior with an embroidered rose inset.
Manufacturer: Northern
Product Number: 500

Lindsay (Poplar Veneer)
Poplar veneer with blue satin interior and metal bar handles.
Manufacturer: Northern
Product Number: 550

Rougemont (Oak & Veneer)
Blended oak and oak veneer with satin finish, eggshell satin interior and metal bar handles.
Manufacturer: Northern
Product Number: 650

 Wildwood Cherry - Cremation Casket

Manufacturer: Victoriaville

 Glenbar - Cremation Casket

Manufacturer: Victoriaville
Product Number: 92

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