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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are a series of questions that we have received from time to time regarding specific features of our facilities. If there are any questions that you may have that are not listed here, or if you would like to suggest enhancements that you feel would improve our facilities, please feel free to contact us at any time.

1. How many visitations can you conduct at the same time?
2. Is there an area where the children can go?
3. Is it acceptable to bring in small dessert squares for family and visiting friends during visitation?
4. Is cremation cheaper then burial?

Question #1How many visitations can you conduct at the same time?
Answer:We are fortunate to have both the desire and the flexibility to transform our facilities to meet the needs for the situation at hand. We have carefully pre-planned the flow of the funeral home to allow for up to three separate visitations (up to five at our West Chapel) being conducted at the same time. While a rare occurrence in our small communities, we have prepared ourselves and our facilities to accommodate the situation if it arises.

Question #2Is there an area where the children can go?
Answer:Our non-smoking coffee lounges have become a very popular place for the kids to congregate and be kids if they like. Our compliment of staff on each visitation love to see the children included in the funeral process.

Question #3Is it acceptable to bring in small dessert squares for family and visiting friends during visitation?
Answer:Certainly. Our coffee lounges are quite able to accomoddate this. We have attempted to do everything we can to make our home - your home during this time.  Please remember the lounges and coffee areas may be shared with other families at the same time.

Question #4Is cremation cheaper then burial?
Answer:Although this is hard to answer briefly, we would have to say NO.  The value of a service does not depend as much on cremation vs. burial as it does what services are being provided.  When you compare the EXACT same services, many times cremation services are as much, or more than burial services.  Our directors would be more than able to point out these scenarios for you at your request.  Remember, cremation is only one of the steps in a funeral process, just as burial is only one of those steps.  With cremation, you may still have visitation, a funeral and all of the same services as with burial.  On the other hand, you can limit the services you have with burial just the same as you can with cremation.

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